Selling a Life Insurance Policy in Canada
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Selling Your Policy in Canada

A new way to access cash in your retirement years

Selling your Canadian life insurance policy in Canada is permitted in four provinces. Parliament is currently considering approval in Ontario as well.

The provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan permit the life settlement transaction. Every year in Canada, people over the age of 70 lapse or surrender more than $5 billion of insurance for far less than what their policies are worth. Crown Life Canada offers Canadian seniors fair value for their unwanted or unneeded life insurance policy.


The following questions can help you determine whether the life settlement option is suitable for your situation:


  • Can you continue to afford the premium payments on your policy?
  • Are you considering “lapsing” or “surrendering” your policy for any reason?
  • Have the investment options in your universal policy under-performed?
  • Do you currently need the policy, or have you outlived the beneficiary?
  • Has your estate plan changed?
  • Do you need additional funds to assist with retirement expenses or other costs?
  • Would you like to invest in other investments?
  • Is there a family member or members you would like to assist financially before your death?
  • Is the policy a “key man” policy no longer needed for business?
  • Do you have debts you’d like to repay now?

When you sell your policy, the purchaser becomes its owner and beneficiary and the policy remains in force. The new owner maintains the premium payments until your death and collects the death benefit. In the same way the insurance carrier did when you bought the policy, the purchaser will review your medical record to assess your current health status to estimate your life expectancy to determine a value for a policy. All things being equal, the longer your life expectancy, the lower the value of your policy.

Just answer 5 simple questions (below or click here) to receive a Free No Obligation estimate on the value of your Canadian policy.

Find out what your life insurance policy might be worth with our simple and FREE – No Obligation Life Settlement estimate.


    What type of life insurance policy do you have?

    (We are unable to purchase permanent insurance only)

    What province was your policy issued in?

    (Currently four provinces allow you to sell your life insurance policy)

    What is the face value of your policy?

    (We can purchase policies with face value of $150,000 or greater)

    What is your current age?

    (You must be 70 years or older)

    Was your policy issued more than two years ago?

    Your contact and any additional information?