A Petition For Change - Crown Life Canada
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A Petition For Change

Currently Section 115 of the Provincial Insurance  Act of Ontario prohibits the sale or assignment of a life insurance policy, this is unfair and punitive and should be allowed. An insurance policy should be considered an asset and an individual should be free to do with an asset what he or she pleases. An insurance policy should be able to be negotiated for a fair value and an individual that arranges this should not be punished as allowed for under the Act.

Clearly, this is very punitive particularly to seniors, this may be their only asset to allow them the independence and access to funds to maintain their independence, pay for caregivers or maintain quality and standard of life as they age.

I’ve started the petition on change.org “The Ontario Government: We are concerned Ontario citizens who urge our leaders to act now to change Section 115 of the Provincial Insurance Act to allow for the sale or assignment of a life insurance policy for a fair value.”

We need your help to get it off the ground.

Please take 30 seconds to read and support this petition.